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destinations in Panama.

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Land and countryside, sea and islands, towns and cities, stories and legends: discover the cultural diversity of the different ethnic groups that make up the origin and give identity to Panama today.

San Blas Terrace

The San Blas archipelago is known for its paradisiacal islands and the Guna people, its millenary inhabitants of indigenous origin, who preserve their rich culture and share their beauty with the world.
On our San Blas terrace overlooking the sea and the boats crossing the Canal, you will find molas, penca roofs, hammocks, cayucos and handicrafts transportinge you in the blink of an eye to the incredible Panamanian Caribbean.

Cathedral Area

Be amazed by the details of our replica of the Cathedral of Santa Maria la Antigua and take a stroll through the Casco Viejo without traffic or too much sun. If you feel like enjoying something cold we recommend you to try our pipe ice cream or a delicious lemonade with raspadura, native flavors of Panama.

Guayacanes Area

Our main hall awaits you framed by the imposing guayacan trees that bloom all year round in Sabroso to transmit their magic and energy.
En el área central se encuentra un colorido Diablo Rojo, bus ícono de Panamá dejando su huella de identidad. Espacio ideal para presenciar nuestros shows de bailes típicos en primera fila.

Carnival Area

Don’t wait until February to carnivalize. Get on the float and feel like the queen of Las Tablas Carnival with feathers, glitter, lights and action. Enjoy the merriment and enjoy a group with signature drinks in a motivational atmosphere.

Colon Area

Here the cultural richness and legacy of the African continent is highlighted and made visible. The main contribution of the Afro-Antillean community in Panama is reflected in the cuisine and music. Feel it enjoying the Congo dance shows or taking a picture with the mask of the devil Tun Tun.

Chiriqui Room

If you feel a sudden cold breeze, you might find yourself in the mountains of Volcan. This space dedicated to the province of Chiriqui will welcome you with freshly harvested fruits and vegetables and the typical atmosphere of the coffee-growing area of the country will make you live the experience of tasting different types of coffee.

Casa de Quincha Restaurante Sabroso Panamá

Quincha House

This area recreates a typical house of the interior of the country that consists of a cane lattice covered with mud and was built on site in the original style. Relive this millenary tradition without it falling into oblivion, where the union of the community and the authenticity and solidarity of the country man were captured.

Have you decided where you want to sit?

El Valle Room

Transport yourself 600 meters above the sea to the beautiful Anton Valley. With the image of the Sleeping India in the background, the tribute to the ancient legend, surrounded by flowers, handicrafts and typical costumes you can visit this very special tourist destination in Panama.

Darien themed staircase

Have you ever crossed the border from Colombia to Panama? When you enter Sabroso you will feel it. This themed area will welcome you with all the natural energy of the jungle, stimulating the senses.

Bocas del Toro

This chain of islands represents the vibrant Caribbean culture of the country. This is where the magic of Sabroso comes from…aromas, flavors and colors with a Panamanian soul. Recipes that are passed down for generations in the hands of our cooks who put the heart of Panama in every dish.

Panama la Vieja Tower

We assure you that you will not find another replica of the Tower of Panama la Vieja as amazing as this one. Its imposing size and detailed reproduction will captivate you. If you want to sit near it during your visit, we recommend that you reserve your table in the Cathedral Area.

We have special private areas that you can reserve for your events.
VIP Lounge
This elegant private room located on the top floor with independent access and its own bar can accommodate up to 40 people. Ideal for celebrating all kinds of events: celebrate your birthday, call corporate meetings and even get married with the best view of the sea and the city.
VIP Terrace
Adjacent to the VIP lounge is this terrace where you can enjoy a breezy outdoor area with the best view of the city skyline. Decorated in a tropical style, the bar overlooks the sea and the new port of Panama. Day or night, a space that will always make an impact.